We have been manufacturing heavy civil, industrial, commercial, and residential precast concrete products since 1998. Our portfolio includes a variety of sound wall systems, mechanically stabilized earth wall and coping systems, temporary barriers, and box culverts. We are the only precast concrete manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain Region that can offer J-J Hook™ Precast Concrete Barrier Connection System. 


SEMA Precast is unique because we offer sole-source responsibility, partnering directly with contractors, engineers, and architects at the start of a pursuit to build value-added solutions and eliminate risk. We offer:

-Design, production, and delivery
-Pre-bid consulting and estimating
-Design-build consulting
-Value engineering and constructability
-DBE solutions


Our approach involves one contract and one contact, with no middle man. This allows us to keep costs down and meet accelerated delivery schedules. Our high-capacity manufacturing facility can tailor any order to meet even the most customized specifications.

SEMA Precast is unique because we offer sole source responsibility for EVERYTHING from pre-bid consulting to installation.

One Contact. One Contract.

No Middle Man.

Pre-Bid Consulting




As a 15-year member of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)— the industry’s quality auditor, we are a trusted and credentialed manufacturer.

CDOT I-225 Parker Road to Mississippi Widening – Aurora, CO

We are the region’s foremost precast concrete noise barrier systems manufacturer. We are preferred for our leading standards in fabrication, and have earned a reputation for providing dependable quality and service, combined with creative and unique solutions, for more than 20 years.

CDOT SH21 Powers Widening, Fountain to Platte - El Paso County, CO
  • Brand new, highest quality forming equipment
  • Watertight gasketed joints per ASTM C1577
  • 4’x3′ through 20’x12′
  • Wet-cast production for highest quality product
SEMA Precast Manufacturing Facility - Brighton, CO.
  • SEMA Precast designed, produced and delivered this custom precast retaining wall system 
  • This project included 59,000 sq ft of SEMA Precast full-height fascia and MSE retaining walls
  • A variety of custom patterns and textures were produced to heighten aesthetics
CDOT US 160 & 550 Design-Build – Durango, CO

J-J Hook Temporary Barriers that meet the new FHWA/AASHTO MASH Test. New guidelines to be implemented January 1st, 2020.

  • Multiple pricing options (new, used, sales & rental)
  • Free-standing, bolted or pinned installations
  • 12′ Length, 5,300 lbs, 32″ tall, 9 barrier per truckload
  • Easy installation – 2 man crew
  • Improved worker safety, no hands between barriers
  • Self-aligning – automatically “hooks” into place
  • Straight vertical lift for easier installation and removal
  • No loose connection hardware
  • Safe installation and removal
SEMA Precast Manufacturing Facility - Brighton, CO.
  • Creates a Fully Protected Bike Lane
  • Free-standing or pinned installations
  • 10′ Length, 1,700 lbs, 18″ tall. 4′ Tapered End Sections
  • Easy installation – 2 man crew
  • Steel Connections between dividers
  • Self-aligning – automatically “hooks” into place
  • Safe installation and removal
City Of Boulder Baseline Road Project 2023
  • Stunningly natural masonry and stone texture
  • Unlimited color combinations available
  • Double sided texture
  • Independent post and panel construction providing double expansion joints
  •  Precast concrete ensuring minimal to no maintenance
  • Widely used in soundwall applications
Verti-Crete Ledgestone Texture
  • Big block MSE or gravity wall solutions
  • Wet-cast manufacturing for increased quality and durability
  • Realistic face texture
  • Versatility using standard blocks and extenders
  • Easy installation
  • Hollow core for decreased weight 
  • 8 sq ft per block
Magnum Stone Ledgestone Face

39th Ave and Park Hill Drainage

Denver, Co.

SEMA Precast supplied 5,714 lineal feet of box culvert for the City & County of Denver’s 39th Ave & Park Hill Drainage project.

The project consisted of 9 different size box culverts ranging from 8’x5′ to 15’x10′.  All boxes supplied with water-tight gasketed joints.